Secret (Alec Lightwood)

Secret (Alec Lightwood)

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Rachel By werecoyote9653 Completed

Charlotte just moved to the New York Institute after living her entire life in Idris. She never expected to nearly immediately fall for Alec Lightwood, and he for her. Reunited with an old friend, gaining a new love, and making new friends proves to be good for Charlotte after her haunting past of watching her family be killed by vampires. But when Valentine arises, things get complicated. Can Charlotte and Alec's relationship survive? Can she and Jace still remain good friends? Can she even trust Clary? And Isabelle, could she really trust her to fight by her side?  Question after question answered and formed in this thrilling fanfiction based off of the Shadowhunters TV show.

I do not own any of the characters except for Charlotte, and any other minor characters I create throughout the story. The plot belongs to me, but the setting and most characters belong to Cassandra Clare.

By the way, this takes place before the events of City of Bones, it'll ease into that around the middle of the book.

This fanfiction was approved by CASSANDRA FUCKING CLARE HERSELF

Yes, I fucked up in a lot of places. I was only on book 2 when I wrote it, I didn't really know shit. Please stop going through my book and pointing out every little flaw, I plan to go through and fix it but for now it's ruining my self esteem as an author because I can't even write fanfiction correctly.

MultiCat0905 MultiCat0905 Aug 29, 2016
@werecoyote9653 I'm sorry I didn't mean to bash it. That's not what I was intending. Again I'm so very sorry. I get a little fan crazy when it comes to Alec and Magnus.  #Malecforlife Once again I'm sorry.
That's because you haven't met Raphael.... and Simon, smol Simon
hgrierxmespinosa hgrierxmespinosa Aug 14, 2016
A sign that I have been watching too much Teen Wolf lately is that I immediately thought of Isaac Lahey my little puppy
PickPennies PickPennies Sep 08, 2016
Pizza's cool with you? I can't believe it, I'm hurt pizza, I thought there was something between us...
werecoyote9653 werecoyote9653 Jul 24, 2016
Literally everyone thinks this is Isaac Lahey but in reality I googled a list of warlocks and picked a random one XD
PeaceWillWin PeaceWillWin Jul 10, 2016
NOOOOO!  I don't know if I like her yet so I don't want it to happen.