The Story of Kazuma Uzumaki ( Gaara love story)

The Story of Kazuma Uzumaki ( Gaara love story)

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Kazuma went to Suna when her little brother naruto was born. She was three when the nine tails attacked. She became a jounin rank at the age of six and friends with Gaara whrn she was six. Before she left Suna at the age of eight she told Gaara she loved him with all her heart in more than a friendship way and gave Gaara the yang portion while she kept the yin portion and told Gaara that they were connected in many ways and never betray each other. She then left Suna. She traveled for a few days till she came to the mist village (Kirigakure) and ran into Zabuza and Haku. Zabuza took her under his wing for two years because she show'd potinchal. she left two years later and meet Kaiza, Inari, Tsunami, and Tazuna. They adopted her as their own daughter. When Gato came she saw Kaiza die in front of her and Inari. Kaiza was like a father to her. When she was thirteen she told Inari that she would be back in the future and gave him her Uzumaki necklace that hangs loosely around her neck telling him its a promise. Withen the three following years she bacame an assassin and killed many rouge ninja and gang leaders. She became a wealthy assassin with a high price on her head in the bingo book named 'The Shadow Assassin'. She doesn't have a picture because all the picures that were taken were blurry. She decided to head to Konoha to see her little brother. her story begins here when she first showed up at the gates.



MMP_BK MMP_BK Aug 08, 2016
Oh my god i can't even finish the video.  I can't cry. Damn you! 😫
CieraBrown930 CieraBrown930 Aug 20, 2016
Well dang...and what is Inuyasha and Kagome doing in the story
DrownNFade16 DrownNFade16 Nov 18, 2016
                              At least someone remembers the Underworld series or saga or whatever
BlueFoxFree BlueFoxFree Mar 18, 2016
I don't know what I expected when clicking on the video but that was funny Sakura look useful
EmeraldAngel31 EmeraldAngel31 Oct 21, 2016
Hey, how did you find the name Kazuma? It's actually the same name as my main character in my book, just instead of Uzumaki it's Sugiura
Mysti10 Mysti10 Nov 14, 2016
Nor Neji and Jiraiya and Sarutobi and Minato and Kushina and Kakashis dad and Obito and Rin and Asuma...