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ТERМΙNAТΙON | ĸarмa aĸaвane ✗ reader { hold }

ТERМΙNAТΙON | ĸarмa aĸaвane ✗ reader { hold }

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•  闇の伯  • By millennium_gray Updated Jan 11

Messy raven hair and onyx eyes. A scrawny build and innocent appearance. Manipulative and deceitful. 

Red hair and mercury eyes. The same scrawny build and innocent appearance. This time, sadistic and devious. 

Two people that never should have met, bounded by the very same person whom would later bring them apart. The main question was; is that really true? Would they be driven away from one another, or bound closer by the one who had tried to bring them apart?

It was strange to think of every possibility the situation held. Out of every path she could have chosen to walk, she had picked the darkest and most twisted route of them all. A path that would abandon her in a world unknown, standing before someone she never should have met. 

But the one who stands before her has his hand outstretched, waiting for her to grasp onto him and join in the demise of a dreaded fate that eagerly awaited. 

© millennium_gray || cover by @ToxicWolf 
| this fanfiction is labeled as 'not specified' in the copyright laws due to the fact that I do not own ac or any of its characters, yet I am sharing my own story based from the series. any form of plagiarism of my story will not be tolerated. | 

[ formerly called dominance ]

GoddessOfCalamity GoddessOfCalamity Dec 02, 2016
Assassination Classroom = My life
                              *Over exaggerated, but flawless, falling out of chair motion
                              This does this to me
                              It's too fabulous
                              Like Nagisa's booty
Popsicle-chan100000 Popsicle-chan100000 Nov 27, 2016
Already in love with this story just from the description😆
Potato_Lord673 Potato_Lord673 Aug 14, 2016
Wow... Only a couple a sentences in and this story is already amazing!!!!!!!!! Good job Author-Chan!!!!😊👍✨
Popsicle-chan100000 Popsicle-chan100000 Nov 27, 2016
Hm I wonder what it is~
                              *whispers* Please say body or the d
CinderHalo CinderHalo Dec 29, 2016
Ehhh... Something bad is definitely going to come out of the bet
LittleLlama1 LittleLlama1 May 02, 2016
I'm just gonna say I look like a female karma my hairs red and my eyes are hazel and in certain light they go yellow so I can't not imagine a female karma! 😂