Tempting Desires

Tempting Desires

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Julia Foster.
    To the school, a troublemaker. To the town, daughter of a wealthy family that is beyond perfect in public eye, except behind closed doors.
    Julia is sent away to a special school for troublemakers such as herself. It's known for whipping people such as herself into shape to act as decent people of today's society, with a specific interest in combat and sex. Something not known to many, unless you're that far into the program.
    Mitchell Ward. Gabriel Ward.
    To the Academy, the scariest, most intense teachers who love to take on the challenge of forming troublemakers into suitable people. To the students, Adonis himself reincarnated into two. To the extra program, two of the main instructors. To the outside world,  businessmen and entrepreneurs. To each other, best friends, and twins.
    What happens when the controlling Mitchell and Gabriel Ward cross paths with a wild, rebellious, and loud teen like Julia Foster. Love or an all out war?


Does include both Mafia stuff and the BDSM stuff. Sorry if it doesn't suit everyone, but I do try. If you read it, I hope you enjoy. If not, and this isn't for you, there are many great authors on here to read. I hope you find your book style :)

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genre_freak genre_freak Mar 15
Why do you put such huge spaces between paragraphs? 1 MAYBE 2 at most
alpha-female44 alpha-female44 Dec 20, 2017
I love this book an people will criticize but I love your writing & I look forward to seeing what the world has in stored for you and you're stories
sbfkbs sbfkbs Dec 28, 2017
I love to read all types of stories .I take them just as pure fiction just as we see different movies .
                              I believe that all have the freedom to portray their imagination get a chance to grow .☺
I have literally read this book countless times because I have not found any other book like this. If anybody does know of any other books like this, tell me please. Although I do not mind reading this book.
TootlesBitxh TootlesBitxh Dec 20, 2017
I love your writing❤️ I think I’ve read all the books you have written
crazycruzangurl crazycruzangurl Dec 20, 2017
I personally am in love with this story so I think you stuck with me 😂