You can't save me Mr. Bad boy

You can't save me Mr. Bad boy

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rose_Goldhearts By rose_Goldhearts Updated Mar 26, 2018

Tragedy wether it's good or bad life is full of it. Especially mine. 

My name is Evelyn Taylor I live with my mom dad two sisters and brother. Life couldn't get any better until it takes a nosedive for the worse, but did it really.
Mom walked in with a panicked look on her face. Oh great I was going to get an ear full from her.
"Oh my goodness Evelyn are you okay sweet heart?" She asked and when I nod my head yes her face goes from panicked and scared to the face she makes right before you get yelled at. " Don't you ever do that to me again! You almost gave me a heart attack!" She almost yells at me.
"Mom don't yell heart attack like that in a hospital that's just as bad as yelling fire in a crowded theater."  I tell her almost laughing. She then walks up and slaps me playfully on the upper arm," Ha ha ha that was so funny I almost forgot to laugh." She says rolling her eyes. Now I see where I get my, sarcasm, attitude and temper from. It was all her.
"Okay on a more serious note. "She says. Oh no what have I done now.
"We- your father and I- have decided that since you made a very valid point- wether you were ranting or not- that you have worked way to hard to let it all go now. So you will be moving in with Christopher when we leave for North Carolina."

Warning ⚠️- the first three chapters are terrible. I'm going to rewrite them when I get the chance. 
There will be a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Who is Christopher? Why is her family moving to north Carolina? What has Evelyn worked to hard for to give up? Check out the story to find out more.
Warning: May be a little boring at first but it will get better.
All Rights Reserved. Please don't steal my story or any content without my permission. Thank you. Byee.

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