HANDS OFF! // Gratsu AU

HANDS OFF! // Gratsu AU

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sO pUnK rOcK By midnightnugget Updated 13 hours ago

Gray has a condition where he has constant urges to make hand contact with anyone he meets, making him pretty famous throughout the school. He is assigned a partner for his health class project and guess what it's Natsu Dragneel. Who just so happens to have antisocial disorder.

[btw this book has been rewritten]

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Oh one more thing, 
This book is shit sorrynotsorry you can tell I stopped trying near the end so yeah read at your own risk \ (•◡•) /

faithanncee faithanncee Jan 01
Awesome!! I really like this story. Gray being all touchy with people and everyone is ok with it except Natsu. I can't wait to read 😄
ankauth1813 ankauth1813 Jan 03
Thats cool!  acnologia does kind of ruin the plot and steers it in another direction.  Great idea!