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The Snow Angel Key (Fairy Tail Fan-Fic)

The Snow Angel Key (Fairy Tail Fan-Fic)

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LucyMaka/ Lucifer By LucyMaka Updated Jul 05

There are gold keys and silver keys but do you now about the white keys. These are the angel keys stronger then any zodiac key. There is Vortex, the space angel, Aqua, the water angle, Rock, the Earth angel, Flame; the fire angel, Kaze, the sky angel,  and finally the strongest of them all, Yuki, the snow angel. There is a catch with the white keys, if you destroy one of the white keys the spirit will die. The key also shows the condition of the spirit.

Yuki was banned from the celestial spirit realm for a uncalled reason. She had been on Earthland for 5 years and her key is almost destroyed. This takes place after the GMG. Yuki  joins the famous wizard guild Fairy Tail in order to protect a young wizard there. What worries her the most is that Leo is at Fairy Tail. What will happen to Yuki while she is in Fairy Tail? How will Leo/Loke react to Yuki being there? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!

KarasuNeko KarasuNeko Jan 06
                              I was humming a song when I saw Kuroo and I screamed
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jun 13, 2016
Whoop whoop!!!
                              You just gotta be careful little Snow Angle. 
                              I don't think you know who Lucy is!~
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jun 13, 2016
Reminds me of a black haired ban. 
                              From the seven deadly sins!
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jun 13, 2016
Typical Natsu. 
                              I feel like if we're to go somewhere where an intense fight was happening he would go. 
                              HEY YOU!!!! 
                              FIGHT MEEEEEE!!!!!
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jun 13, 2016
I just read your summary and it reminded me of a math problem. 
                              And thanks for the tip!
                              I like the summary so far. 
                              Good job my friend! 👍
Leahlouise89225 Leahlouise89225 Oct 30, 2016
When you suddenly see Kuroo from haikyuu and have a fangirl attack xD