Mating Season // Gratsu [completed]

Mating Season // Gratsu [completed]

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"So have you found your mate yet? My eye is on Levy."

"Well Gray looks pretty hot over there stripping-"

"Wait what" 


Where Natsu thought he was as straight as Lucy's chest was flat

((Btw there is so much smut in this, I can't even also I do not own any of the characters Hiro Mashima does))
[Gratsu is the main ship in this book, so don't be surprised if you don't hear anything from the other ships for a while.]

Natsu tops more in this fanfic I'm sORRY it's for reasons you have to read in the book but I promise the STORY IS STILL GOOD that's just what I've heard okay bye

(I own none of the characters except for bean and Samson)

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afrina2go afrina2go Jun 06
I still don't get why hes still at the guild,  just go home and chain yourself up!
Happy only plays innocent. He's actually mirajanes secret spy.
adamstephi adamstephi Apr 02
that cast description tho 
Oh curse the lords. woke cruella de vil.... I mean my mother up. By trying not lo laugh and suddenly squealing with laughter.
foodbeforedoods foodbeforedoods 6 days ago
Laxus wouldnt get the mating thing tho i think it would only be if u were raised by a dragon
Let's be honest, we already knew that Gray would strip all the way at some point