I'm sorry...  (Jacksepticeye X Depressed!Reader)

I'm sorry... (Jacksepticeye X Depressed!Reader)

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Polite Potato By Tgetty2303 Updated Sep 02

While trying to run away from your troubles on one of the many streets in Ireland you bump into a dark figure... And that starts a emotional and lovely budding relationship.

jackuhboyy jackuhboyy Apr 08
My cat's name is Tux.. so..... Edo!!! Edo will be the kitten's name (my cat's last name)!! :D
EmoPukaxhi EmoPukaxhi Oct 13
The first thought in my head was Emerald. Is that a good name or should i change it?
KKgirlliz KKgirlliz Mar 03
Trista? What?? My name is literally one letter away (Krista) o.o
If its a male kitten:
                              If its a female kitten:
                              THIS IS NOT FROM THE GAME, THESE ARE MY CAT NAMES IRL XD do u like them? if so feel free to use them if u don't have a name, dear readers :3
EmoPukaxhi EmoPukaxhi Oct 13
Oh um. I thought my friend was a girl. Eh. I'LL GO WITH DANNY! (Marzia reference XP)