Baby Girl || h.s [COMPLETED]

Baby Girl || h.s [COMPLETED]

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"Daddy.." I opened my legs slowly, teasing my soon-to-be step father, "Play with me."

"You like it when daddy touches you, baby girl?" He coos in my ear. I bite my lip and roll my head back, taking his hand and running it in between the valley of my breasts.

"So naughty." He says, chuckling softly before retrieving his hand.

"Harry! I'm home!" My mother calls obnoxiously and I roll my eyes as Daddy stands up, sighing, and walking out.

I huff and cross my arms. It's not like he loves her. He has me. Why would he want her? All she does is spend his money and use him for sex. But he doesn't have sex with her anymore, he promised me I was who he wanted. He promised that he only stayed with her so he could be closer to me. He promised.

He promised.

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treysongzzz123 treysongzzz123 Feb 19, 2016
Wait why doesn't she call him daddy anymore....just wondering
How did you take off the crop top before taking off the flannel??
FatiiiXx FatiiiXx Aug 22, 2016
Why does that looks like the impala from Dean Winchester  in SuperNatural xD
dickismylife dickismylife Aug 03, 2016
Its so weird reading this rn..Cuz you know how zayn and Gigi's dating😂
Every time there is a time frame, I read it in the Spongebob narrator's voice😂😂