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The One (Sasuhina)

The One (Sasuhina)

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Anime_luv_always By Anime_luv_always Updated May 10, 2016

Uchiha Sasuke has been watching someone. The shy girl, the stutterer, the girl in love with a blonde haired kid. Sasuke has always kept his distance. But now, she has matured and he can't get enough of it. Sasuke still playing it safe can sometimes be a jerk. But at times he looses control of his body. What'll happen then?

Why? Why? Naruto. Sakura. Sasuke. What changed? Naruto isn't mine. He's with Sakura. But... Sasuke is different. Why is he acting like this towards me? He's sweet and strong. Charming and perfect. But it's different from my love for Naruto. Is this love? If it is...then I'm afraid to say... I like it.
Hinata. She just keeps getting more and more beautiful. She has got to stop. Wait, no, I don't want her to stop. I just want to hold her in my arms and squeeze her tight, so she won't be able to fly she did when we were kids. I finally have Hyuga Hinata.

I have always hated that whiny cry baby b-i-t-c-h aka sakura
DreamingOfTheFuture DreamingOfTheFuture Nov 08, 2016
*an amused smile forming* pretty sure its supposed to say Chidori but still. I imagined Sasuke trying to make chili. xD
Anime_luv_always Anime_luv_always Mar 12, 2016
Thank you! I'm having a hard time writing though because of school, but I'll update soon!
papthepapua1 papthepapua1 Aug 18, 2016
IKR, this never happens... I thought he can only show anger and hate.... Guess I was wrong....
MakoHaruFangirl MakoHaruFangirl Nov 02, 2016
And that was the very moment I staryed shipping Naruto and Sasuke together. Yes I love Yaoi!