Reign - Ryden

Reign - Ryden

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Xoamberjoy By Xoamberjoy Updated Oct 15, 2016

Once upon a time there were two boys. One of them was a prince, in line for the thrown of Angardia. He was trained his entire life to rule, regardless of if he wanted to or not. His name was Brendon. The other was a prince from the land of Euronia. He was the youngest of two boys. He would never rule, because he would never have to, so unlike Brendon, he spent his time dabbling in the many luxuries Euronia had to offer. Sex, drugs, and gambling. His name was Ryan.

On the night of the king's ball, the two boys were fated to meet.

(set in an AU)

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ErinLove_ofNobelium ErinLove_ofNobelium Aug 22, 2017
Ha, that is very homosexual, and homosexuals are gay. So ha, GAY
Imashamed22 Imashamed22 May 07, 2017
Alright I agree with the lack of allies since that's how WW1 started
gr8fandoms gr8fandoms May 31, 2017
just because you ans jon want that title all for yourselves, I see
LexieLeTriggered LexieLeTriggered Mar 16, 2017
Wachu got against commoners bro
                              Fite me
                              Jkjk I'm a piece of trash
hatsandmilk hatsandmilk Jul 19, 2016
Rumors that he's gay for Brendon? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) because honey those are true
FakeYourDeathAgain FakeYourDeathAgain Jul 02, 2016
Sup King, your son sucks dick, he doesn't like any type of sexual woman anatomy, get over it