Never Take the Brown Bomber Jacket

Never Take the Brown Bomber Jacket

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'I got up to look at the thing I tripped over.  Picking it up, I saw that it was a very familiar looking brown bomber jacket.'

- - -

Holly Rosewood thought that she had a normal life, besides being filthy rich, living in a three-story mansion and secretly watching Hetalia.  If anyone found out she watched anime, she would be ridiculed beyond no return.  When she finds what seems to be America from Hetalia's jacket on the floor while shopping, she doesn't think anything will happen if she takes it.

Humor, mystery, action, and even some romance is brought about.

**All of this is un-edited**

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  • france
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ChantillyRosalie ChantillyRosalie Aug 07, 2017
Huh I'm going to China in about 8-9 weeks... for six weeks T-T
Lunar_Skies_390 Lunar_Skies_390 Mar 11, 2016
Dam this step-mom of hers sounds like my mom and she is a biach😡😡😡 I hate her soo much
Wint3r_Sakura Wint3r_Sakura Jan 30, 2016
... My ancestors are from China and I'm a Chinese... How should I react to this?
Amber_mariee_Valdez Amber_mariee_Valdez Jun 21, 2015
It's kind of sad how she has to 'catch up' with her own father.
XxCxiiRandomnessxX XxCxiiRandomnessxX Nov 04, 2014
Satan's calling! gotta run! (the other direction from Satan of course)
RavenDarkwing RavenDarkwing May 11, 2014
I don't like her. I don't like her one bit. You go, Holly! Take her on! *ahem* sorry.