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Surviving the Hamptons! (EDITING)

Surviving the Hamptons! (EDITING)

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Riley By Kay_Malone Updated Jan 26, 2014

When Kennedi Thomas moves to a small town in Lake Anna, Virginia from the big city of New York, her life gets tangled in with the Hampton's. Along with her new friends, Juliet and Dustin, Kennedi begins to see that trying to survive the eight Hampton boys will be harder than it looks. With their dashing looks and cocky attitudes, the boys drive Kennedi down a path she never saw her life spiraling towards.

auntiecomaroll auntiecomaroll 12 hours ago
Bruv, what is it with all these young male teacher, saying I trust you have this, I trust you've done this, like mannnn, it's so annoying, you don't know me so you can't trust me
lightningblade107 lightningblade107 11 hours ago
Greenberg, the one guy everyone wanted gone but never left 😂
lightningblade107 lightningblade107 Dec 08, 2016
Lol narcissus, it's a good thing Leo Valdez and hazel leavesque ended his misery...
bunnyrabbitlove bunnyrabbitlove Jun 08, 2016
um correction , destroying the land those racist space owners stole from Indians.
lightningblade107 lightningblade107 Dec 08, 2016
He's probably going to say something arrogant, or mean, and then this girl is probably going to roast him so bad that people will probably be like 'oooohhhh'
PizzaPastaFood286 PizzaPastaFood286 Feb 17, 2014
When ever someone says that, the worst possible thing happens ahah