One of Us

One of Us

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⭐S T A R D U S T⭐ By FallerFurever_Meow Updated 2 days ago

"F..Ford? What did you do?!"


"Leave my brother alone!"

"Join me, Dipper."

"Join you? After what you done? I rather die!"

During Weirdmaggedon, Ford as done the worst thing the Pines were not expecting: He joined the Dark Side.

Now, Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan and Ford will have to face each other in a battle of trust.

This is inspired by Ajmoon's Art "One of Us"

Jojo_Cipher Jojo_Cipher Oct 11
Ford, you wanna know sometin?
                              Ford: what?
                              U look like a baguette.🐷
                              Ford: what was that for?!
                              That's wat u get for takin bills side you... Dumb... Triangle... Jerk!
is it bad that i compaired  bill and mr burns from the simpsons you know the thing mr burns does with his hands when he says excellent
GreyJay13 GreyJay13 Mar 24
Wow.... That was dark. I like it! Also, the cover is absolutely stunning!!!