The Fighter's Girl

The Fighter's Girl

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Brielle By lost_wanderers Updated Oct 30, 2017

They always say that violence is never the answer.

What about when it is?

They say revenge and retribution don't belong in one person's hands.

What if it's the only possible response?

For goodhearted people like Patience Phillips, it's either fight with all she has or watch her happiness be shattered to pieces, one painful shard at a time.

With an increasingly abusive uncle giving her bruises faster than she has time to cover them, Patience is fed up with having nowhere to go.

Until she crosses paths with infamous classmate Dean Sawyer.

With a piercing glare, know-it-all tendencies, and a constant chip on his shoulder, the two mix about as well as oil and water. But after a chance encounter in the middle of the night, Patience uncovers a shocking secret that suddenly makes the troublesome boy the perfect solution if she's going to take down her uncle.

But how long can she keep the harsh realities of her life a secret from everyone? And how long before Dean's own inner and outer demons get the best of him, dragging this annoying girl he's suddenly beginning to have strange feelings for down with him?

Neither is sure of what lies ahead.
But one thing is certain, they'll just do whatever they have to do. Because even though the odds aren't exactly in their favor....

The strongest fighters screw the odds.

[Highest Ranking to date: #191 Teen Fiction😁]

  • abuse
  • badboy
  • fighter
  • gritty
  • independance
  • lies
  • love
  • possessive
  • retribution
  • revenge
  • romance
ItsBrieBabyy ItsBrieBabyy Feb 17, 2016
Patience philips as in the patience philips from catwoman . . . . this is gonna be an awsome book i bet
courtneylizgray courtneylizgray Nov 04, 2016
AMAZING start!!! This is the best prologue I've ever read, it's so powerful I love it!!! Good job 😊
pandamisfit pandamisfit Feb 04, 2016
@jayyy_isawesome12 the sword is always mightier than the pen whoever said that was stupid
blackkeepspeopleaway blackkeepspeopleaway Jan 01, 2016
Unless you are Percy Jackson where your pen turns into a sword! Ha! I was hoping the summary was in here so I could post this!
Contemplating-Humans Contemplating-Humans Dec 31, 2015
That's how I feel when I wake up.
                              Stand up!! Come on you got this!!
                              *falls back on bed*
Bxtch-Please Bxtch-Please Dec 21, 2015
*Looks at image*
                              I can do that.
                              *turns on fan to full*
                              *hair stars blowing every and some paper flies around*
                              Nope. I can't.
                              *tries turning off fan*