Perfect - Harry Styles Fanfiction

Perfect - Harry Styles Fanfiction

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lexie By lexiestylesss Updated Jul 11

"Harry, please," she groaned, bucking her hips into mine.

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice dropping low as I massaged her chest.

"You, Harry," she pleaded, "I want you!"

I teased her, grinding my hips against her, "Anything for you, babygirl." 

Imagine this: you just graduated from four torturous years of high school, you have an intense One Direction obsession, a one month visit to a filthy rich, psycho aunt who lives in a penthouse in East Hollywood, a one year hiatus before college, and you just so happen to bump into Harry Styles on the street.

What would you do?

You would cause trouble up in hotel rooms, have secret little rendezvous, do the things you shouldn't do, go midnight driving with the windows down, go to places you can't even pronounce, and do whatever you've been dreaming about. 

Harry Styles Fanfiction

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really quick story but my aunt has a 5 year old girl and told me if I can teach her how to read so I basically made her a Wattpad account and place a tablet in front of her and start reading to her and teaching her how to pronounce the words properly
Bubblybec89 Bubblybec89 Jul 22
same, except being 18 lol. I'm 21 and besides week long vacations that don't even leave the New England area  I've not been far besides Paris (only for a week and it only happened once and I didn't get to experience what I wanted). I want to leave too!!!!!!
Jutaan Jutaan Jun 06, 2016
I saw Diana and I was like "Diana let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life..." 😂😂😂
HarrehStyles4 HarrehStyles4 Dec 23, 2016
Ha, Diana, lifts my heart up saved my life. Ha. *listens to song*
ShermanTheWorman ShermanTheWorman Oct 23, 2016
It's only the first chapter and I voted. Lexie, that's a huge compliment coming from me because usually with Harry Styles fanfics I don't vote for like at least the twentieth chapter, and I'm already impressed by this. I expect this to be very good. Keep up the good work. -P
damn_them_vocals damn_them_vocals Jul 30, 2016
"Diana, let me be the one to..."
                              -Diana- Midnight Memories- reference 😍😍😍