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Kuroko no Basket: In KnB reincarnated as Kagami?!

Kuroko no Basket: In KnB reincarnated as Kagami?!

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Shin-chan By Neko1290 Updated Oct 24, 2016

WARNING/NOTE: Kagami looks and acts pretty different then what he looks like in anime, he is sometimes mistaken as a girl (though 100% male)

*Does a two-finger salute* Yo. Name's Shuichi Kira, but I guess now I'm Kagami Taiga. Its strange since I don't look anything like him except for red hair. Anyway, I died a pretty boring casual death in the hospital, crippled and deaf, only will to live was through anime, especially Kuroko no Basuke.

After I died, I was reincarnated into my favourite anime as Kagami Taiga. With a couple of non-mentioning assignments from my guardian angel, Sara, I'll just try and live my life to the fullest since I can actually walk and talk now. 

Oh, and before I leave, should I mention that my guardian angel who also happens to be a fangirl gave me a few....interesting abilities besides my new looks?
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How ironic
                              I'm chewing bubble gum as well
                              I guess I'm Kagami's 'guardian fangirl angel'
                              Seems accurate
Oootttakkuuu03 Oootttakkuuu03 Mar 22, 2016
I'm a bit confused. Does he look like the Kagami Taiga or the on in the picture. Or a mixture of it?
aliceinwonderland27 aliceinwonderland27 Aug 10, 2016
Btw, the main characters are kuroko and kagami. The Gom are in a way side.characters yet in a way they are not.
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Sep 11, 2016
Is he the cutie in the picture?
                              If so, then he's fúcking hot xD