The Gangleader

The Gangleader

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18 year old Skylar white lives with her six older brothers, and dad.  What happens when her dad as to leave for a year for a 'job' and her and her brothers have to move in with the most feared gang leader in New York? Or when she gets a text from an unknown number and the gang leader promised to protect her? As the most feared gang leader takes interest in her? Will she run or stay. 

Xavier black the most feared gang leader in New York doesn't care about anyone but he's four friends, wouldn't hesitate to kill you. What happens when he sees the most gorgeous girl he sees and starts to get feeling for her? Will he run from he's feeling or will he chase her? 


"Your mine" 

[WARNING: it's my first book, lots of mistakes I beg of you please no negative comments.]

WINGSofBaepsae WINGSofBaepsae a day ago
LOOKING at this ALREADY, I'm telling that Shawn is the traitor
ciccciii ciccciii Jan 12
When you have rolls so you can't even where this type of stuff 😂😂
Francisco 😍😍😍 the old 13 YO me is dying on the inside
AngieBriseno7 AngieBriseno7 6 days ago
I'd be like "You guys should try this new drink... It's called bleach"
kyky_9853_ kyky_9853_ 3 days ago
Thot *cough cough* 😂😂😂 jk I love her outfit it's cute
CadenceOrange CadenceOrange a day ago