Arabella (Harry Styles Daddy Kink)

Arabella (Harry Styles Daddy Kink)

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Lizzy By ishiplarry79 Updated Oct 27, 2016

"My days end best when the sunset gets itself behind that little lady sitting on the passenger side." 

"It's much less picturesque without her catching the light the horizon tries but it's just not as kind on the eyes." 


"But, Mr. Styles, this is illegal." My eyes were wide at the older man's actions.

"Call me daddy, babe," he whispers into my ear. His husky voice sent shivers down my spine. 

Everything about him was so masculine. He was an extremely tall man compared to me the smallest freshman in the school, his hands were gigantic, he could do so many things with those hands, and his voice was the deepest voice I've ever heard.

Warnings: daddykink, underage (Arabella is 16 and Harry is 36)

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