Neko Protector [On HOLD]

Neko Protector [On HOLD]

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Ro Odair By she_sells_seashells Updated Apr 17

Tsuki Uchiha is a demon protector Sasuke Uchiha accidentally summoned with the hate he felt for his brother. For the price of his soul, Tsuki makes a contract with a young Sasuke that she will help him achieve his revenge.

Until that fateful day arrives though, Tsuki has to make sure, unfortunately, that the reckless mini Uchiha stays alive long enough to pay up. And his living habits aren't likely to pave to road to success. Now, nearly six years after the massacre, Sasuke graduates from the academy and is put on team seven, which he ordered Tsuki to find a way to join. Naruto develops a crush, Sakura begins to hate this effortlessly lovable kitty demon, and mini Uchiha becomes possessive?

Follow Team seven's journey as Tsuki saves their cute little butts time and time again with her awesome demon mojo. Then follow Tsuki and Sasuke's Journey as they go to the dark side with Orochimaru so that one naughty little Uchiha brat can gain enough power to kill a certain someone.

  • demon
  • kakashi
  • konoha
  • naruto
  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • tsuki
  • uchiha
The completely original and completely useless.... duck demon!
I would actually rather have Itachi's baby.......maybe......
Ya Ima say that from now on I swear to tuna I will.  does that make sense I don't know but whatever
MysticMochi MysticMochi Jul 22
Me: Morning! 
                              Parents: What did you break?
                              Me: life?
sebby666 sebby666 Jan 15
All of us demons have been worried about her, it is very rare for one of us to be summoned to the shinobi world.
JustCallMeMarsha JustCallMeMarsha Oct 12, 2016
Wait, wait, what now? Replenish the Uchiha population? As in Tsuki and Sasuke doing the do?