The Original Bad Boy | Wattys2016

The Original Bad Boy | Wattys2016

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What's in a name? By worldgirlalways Updated Dec 04, 2016

He smokes. 
He drinks.
He deals with drugs. 
He uses women as toys. 
He beats up anyone who gets in his way--male or female. 
He breaks every rule and law.
He is called Arsen Frasier.
He is the original bad boy.

And I failed to understand that reality; I failed to stay away from him. I failed to lock my heart from my childhood sweetheart.

Cover credits to @weeknder

kayanae kayanae Feb 11
His eyes are shaped like acorns?  I prefer almond shaped eyes
i'm sorry if i sound really rude, but can anybody please explain how/why they can barely get an 85 on a test? like i really don't understand these comments
QueenGadget QueenGadget Jan 31
"Him" must be REALLY popular because he's in almost every wattpad book😲😲😲
Damn fbis is so true. I'm always acing my tests but winging it at the same time
I'm gonna sound like a bitch, but I've never gotten lower than a 96℅, an 85 would be like death to me.
Bîtch. 😂✋🏼 if you don't take your ašš to the hospital you best believe that your ašš is gonna get f*cked up