The Original Bad Boy | Wattys2017

The Original Bad Boy | Wattys2017

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What's in a name? By worldgirlalways Updated Oct 26, 2017

He smokes. 
He drinks.
He deals with drugs. 
He uses women as toys. 
He beats up anyone who gets in his way--male or female. 
He breaks every rule and law.
He is called Arsen Frasier.
He is the original bad boy.

And I failed to understand that reality; I failed to stay away from him. I failed to lock my heart from my childhood sweetheart.

Cover credits to @weeknder

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CrazySportGirl CrazySportGirl Oct 22, 2017
So to sum it up we have like 80 people saying that are brilliant geniuses that only get 100% and 80 people who would cherish an 85%. Basically I don't care what you got on your maths test don't make others feel bad by making yourself feel better - we are reading on an app, no one here is cool 💤
chaoticaddicts chaoticaddicts Nov 18, 2017
bruhhhh i cant even manage  to get 50% on anything even when i put my blood, sweat and tears into it
shook-etthh shook-etthh Nov 02, 2017
My friend got a 98% on a test & because she didn't get the highest mark in the class she said "I cOuLd hAvE dOne SO mUCh bEtTeR"
arsen = arson
                               lmao why do you think he set the school on fire? (jk jk I'm so ficking sorry lmaooo)
LoveToDreamAndEat LoveToDreamAndEat Nov 19, 2017
Sorry, that's on me. I'm a bad influence for him. 😂 I guess he took my wishes a little too literally.
FartingONtheMoON FartingONtheMoON Nov 13, 2017
I got 26% on my math quiz......
                              WHOO. IMPROVEMENT