Mortensons Lust - Vampire Lust (On Hold)

Mortensons Lust - Vampire Lust (On Hold)

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MJ Thompson By mazimai Updated Feb 18, 2016

Marie is a vampire but has no idea how she was turned. Whilst looking for answers and a feed she comes across a nightclub called 'Mortensons Lust,' will she finally find what she was looking for or will it find her. 

Whilst there she comes across a man called Dario, her 'beloved' soul mate.

"I am glad I can give you pleasure, even if I can't be your first. I would like to be your one and only from now until forever... " He paused and kisses my lips.

"Marie my beautiful girl. Do you accept me as your beloved one and only?" He stops moving his hands waiting for my answers.

May contain some adult content or sexual theme or scenes. 

Will be edited and grammar fixed at a later date.

Second_Hand_Fandom Second_Hand_Fandom Mar 02, 2017
(I've read up until the most recent update)
                              This is a strange bland of revealing and not...
Karissa_babe Karissa_babe Jul 14, 2014
I swear that I just stared at the chapter for a little bit and I didn't comprehend a word of it lol
PurpleLlamanator PurpleLlamanator Apr 21, 2014
This sounds really interesting though she must carry A LOT of guilt for what she did to her parents. I feel bad for her :(
13steady_beats 13steady_beats Apr 18, 2014
Ahhh i loved your old cover it was perfect and update plz!!!!
SimoneVedsted SimoneVedsted Apr 13, 2014
Thanks for clearing it up for me. Now hoping/waiting excitingly on the next chapter!!
YukimeXue YukimeXue Apr 13, 2014
I though update as in story in the end it update regarding character:(