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Mel By VowelMovement Updated Nov 03, 2016

Together we're toxic, but you're all I crave.

I was your cure and you were my disease.

I was saving you, but you were killing me.
You're poisonous to my heart, but I ache for no other⎯only you.

He was a flawed diamond in a sea of perfect gems, but his imperfections drew me in.

She keeps me alive in every way, she shines light into the darkest parts of me.
They said we were doomed from the beginning, but whenever he touched me, I knew we were fated.

She stained my soul and I was under her spell. She is the very blood that runs through my veins.
We were strange in love.
He and I
Too wild to last
Too rare to die 

His lips locked with my nether ones, and he devoured me as if he'd been starving all his life. I knew he enjoyed such acts judging by the moans that left his mouth as he inscribed his name around my pearl in the most intricate calligraphy.

He gripped my waist and pulled me closer into the unrelenting drive of his skillful tongue and my chest arched towards the ceiling. I was already losing my senses, and I'm sure he knew that much.

"Do you believe me now?" He husked as he came up for air, his honey hues dark with desire. He didn't wait for me to answer as his tongue delved back to where it had just been.

For mature audiences.

Raizeil Raizeil Jul 03, 2016
I love the way you stated that especially the last part of it.
XxSimpleMisfitxX XxSimpleMisfitxX Dec 05, 2016
One Of My Honey Places Next Year Is Montego Bay And Then The Next Week Bora Bora Now I Can't Wait For Jamaica
theungracefulswan theungracefulswan May 13, 2016
Ok I'm hooked! I love how this book opened up with tension. Can't wait to see how this story unfolds!
jades98 jades98 Jul 07, 2016
I like my fried UNRIPE breadfruit with Mackerel or Ackee or even Stewed or Curry Chicken
ayelayana ayelayana Jul 04, 2016
I've had those back in the islands. Their hella good with salt. 😋😋💕😛
XxSimpleMisfitxX XxSimpleMisfitxX Dec 05, 2016
Ellis Speak Another Language Like U Don't Comprehend 😂Nein Ich Kann Dich Nicht Verstehen