My Brother IS My Saviour(MBIMM Sequel)

My Brother IS My Saviour(MBIMM Sequel)

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Monifah By HazzaSmileyStyles Updated Nov 10

"Xavier." I giggled as he trailed kisses along my neck his lips brushing over his mark igniting a delicious flame earning a soft moan

"I need to concentrate." I inhaled sharply as his teeth sunk into my skin before he dragged his tongue over it easing the slight sting

"C'mon babe just give me a hour." He whispered sliding his unoccupied hand under my blouse

"A hour to you is a day so no." I said softly gripping his hand that was gripping my left breast

"Okay 4 hours I promise,just let me take care of you." He whispered easily pulling his hand from my weak grip

"Xa." I whined already knowing I was about to give in

"Peyt." He whined softly smirking against my skin knowing he was victorious

"Lock the door." I instructed pulling the blouse over my head in no time the door was locked and xavier was standing infront of me grinning

"Lose the smug grin before I change my mind." I glared at him before he slammed his lips into mine kissing forcefully the flame that ignited t...

JJsMommy29 JJsMommy29 Apr 16
So hope that he really didn't cheat on her and that Sally is lieing to her but can't wait to find out
,what , that was just a dream??!! Aww so sad that xav is gone
I am confused I thought in the last chapter they were getting along happily but I guess I was wrong or something but I am very very confused