The Beginning (RAPTURE Series Book #1)Editing Soon...

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Rapture By: LadyDawn 2011 Copyright © All Right Reserved
    On a night almost 18 years ago a Royal Wolf, the King of the High Council, took as his bride a woman of Royal stature. A High ranking Royal member of the Council as his Queen. A Royal Vampire.Together they sired a beautiful daughter, a special daughter like none other, she was special like none other for she was a once in a lifetime miracle birth, something that should never have happened, but it did. A physical, and deadly impossibility.
    	Her name is Princess Verena, a lovely girl actually: now about to turn 18, and with her three friends will step up to save all of humanity from the dangers of all the mythical creatures hiding behind building, bushes, trees, and too may other places to name. Waiting to strike out at unsuspecting innocent beings going about their lives not even knowing they exist in their tiny world they call Earth. 
    	This is the story of The Princess Verena her friends, and best friend a Witch. I hope if you follow this story that you get out instead of enter into, how should I put this? Oh yes now I remember. You are not supposed to know about the Protector so... in reading this if you get out with your life... consider yourself lucky, because most won't. 
    	Please enjoy the story while you can, and remember I told you so, because I am none other than, The Princess Verena; Protector, and this is my story; it is up to me if I let you live after reading it or not. 
    	Princess Verena / Protector * High Council * #1 Enforcer * Eradicator
    ************************************** A/N*************************************
     This book is unedited at present, I am working on it. 2/8/2014
Well I'm finally done with this book. It was a really good thrillling story. And that sure is a lot of babies. Well now I'm going to start the 2nd book. Keep up the good work.
                                     Thank for writing such exciting books.  :-)
So sorry to hear that yr pretty dog passed. Hope u feel better soon.
I'm still reading this book. On the1part still,I'm a slow reader but it is a really good book. So much excitement,  keep up the good work or not I'll still read it.  :-)
I think this is a really good start for a fierce story. I like how it begins, and it seems like you put a lot of thought into it. I'll definetly be reading the rest of this one as well :)
This sounds truly interesting, reminds me of The Vampire Diaries (books and TV series) which, of course, I am a huge fan of. I'll be adding this to my library and continue reading :)
Is this complete? i want to start reading this but if its not i wont :$