What Are We? (Miraculous Ladybug)

What Are We? (Miraculous Ladybug)

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raine By goawayraine Updated Mar 13

A little complication comes a little trouble, and with this little girl that seems to be causing so much of this trouble for the unstoppable team, makes the two wonder about their relationship.

When the appearance of a duo of akumatized sisters come their way, their days seem to be harder, more complicated-- more heartbreaking.

Both torn by each other, another comes along the picture, causing pain for both sides. 

All these scenarios of love, yet also pain, make them question themselves, where do they stand? What are they really?

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When_Is_My_Adventure When_Is_My_Adventure Jul 25, 2017
(-_-)  (-<-) =3 
                              *flips a table*
                              Seriously, how can anyone be so dense?
xLapis xLapis Sep 23, 2017
Uh. If I were you Marinette, I would grab onto his hand for the whole movie
Nightcore_Lives Nightcore_Lives Jun 29, 2017
Bad Alya Bad *Sprays w/ water bottle*
                              Good Alya Goood *Hands her $50*
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                              (sorry fangirled)
alyh1214 alyh1214 Nov 21, 2017
*sits in the back of the movie the at re watching them with binoculars* Nice