Her Beast

Her Beast

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Wild Dreamer By WildDreamer258 Updated Apr 02

He was the Alpha.
She was the Alpha's daughter.

He was cold-hearted.
She always wore a smile.

He was known for the bloodshed he caused.
She was known for the kindness she had.

He was her Beast
She was his Princess.

They were polar opposites.

What would happen if fate put them together?

A low growl resonated from his chest. I gulped. I had crossed the line. 

"I am your friend, I am your family, I am your alpha and I am your mate. You don't need anyone else but me." He said lowly. 

He walked out the room, closing the door with force. 


Don't knock it till you try it :)

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  • controlling
  • kindness
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  • possessive
  • romance
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  • runaway
  • werewolf
Sapphires are blue right? I feel so dumb asking this question 😩
wilsorob007 wilsorob007 Feb 05, 2017
Don't believe her jack that's what rose said last time and look where that jack is
joellehtjex joellehtjex Feb 12, 2017
Jack & rose... Now i need a minute in the corner of my room to cry with a tub of icecream screaming DONT LET GOOOO