Screaming Murder [MTV's Scream]

Screaming Murder [MTV's Scream]

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taylor By braveprinxess Updated Aug 10, 2016

Lakewood was a town full of secrets and mysteries ever since the massacre of teenagers that had been murdered by Brandon James. It was a place that people would visit for the thrill, just to see where the murders has occurred. But the people that lived in the town wanted nothing more than to be far from it. Especially when the murders start up again.

            Poppy was a girl with many secrets, she herself was as big of a mystery as Lakewood. No one really knew much about her apart from the fact mostly everyone loved her; she was the girl everyone wanted to be around.

               Her life went nowhere but up; she was of the most popular girls at her school, alongside Brooke Maddox and Nina Petterson, she'd get anything she wanted from Carl and Adaline Belmont, she would be one of the first names on the list of people attending parties. At least that's what people thought.

             But things take a horrifying turn when Nina is murdered inside her own home by a nameless murderer. But he wasn't stopping there. One by one, the masked predator slowly ticked off the victims on his murder list. And Poppy was right on the top of that list along with her friends. 

           [Mtv's Scream Season 1]