Gods and Demigods Read 'The Returning Legend'

Gods and Demigods Read 'The Returning Legend'

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S.Mei By Crystal3493 Updated Aug 23

This will be the reactions of the gods and demigods reading Arcticwolf22's  story 'The Returning Legend'. I've always wanted to read one, but I could never find one, so I might as well write one :D 

This is also my first story that I've written, so I'm up for suggestions for the future. 

The Percy Jackson series belongs to Rick Riordon. The story 'The Returning Legend' belongs to Arcticwolf22, and I'm just adding in reactions. I was also inspired by DemonicChihuahua's story 'Gods and Demigods Read 'The Queen's Champion'

I'm using all of Arcticwolf22's photos according to each chapter as well

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don't forget pandoras box or whatever and Hestia's love problem
RyoHellfire RyoHellfire Apr 28
...Sis..I know how it feels..I have the worst luck of getting a Brother Named Zeke..
                              Me:..He..He lost Delta When He..WAS Babysitting Him!
                              Zeke:HEY I FOUND HIM DIDN'T I!!!
                              Me:Well I Helped didn't I Little Brother?
                              Zeke:*Pouting*Don't call me Little Brother!
OH GOD, WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING AT?! something is to the right
ChaosExilion1 ChaosExilion1 Oct 01, 2017
Just imagine Chaos being that immortal Great Grandfather appearing as an old man when he could easily choke slam any God of Olympus
ChaosExilion1 ChaosExilion1 Oct 02, 2017
Yeah the fandom may drag Annabeth through the dirt but I like her
No...the feels...you reminded me of trials of Apollo and no...that was so saf