Diabolica {Micifer/Michifer}

Diabolica {Micifer/Michifer}

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i'm a mess By spitcolon Updated Sep 23, 2016

"I swear to my dad, if I see you up here once again, you're dead!"

"You already said that ten times."

I got the idea from a picture

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So many people from around the world on this app and im just like "im from Canada" it sounds so lame hahaha
I actually like this chapter/prologue a lot! Maybe a bit short but it fits somehow :D
Butterflies have been known to eat carcasses. That is kinda scary in a way.
Ohhh we have a similar word for that in swedish - kronjuvel! I thought you meant his head or something but it is awesome that it's used for the crotch as well! :D
archangelmicha archangelmicha Feb 16, 2016
Oh look, it's my family. @goodmorningvietnam , Adam, Nico, Neeks and I.