Diabolica {Micifer/Michifer}

Diabolica {Micifer/Michifer}

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i'm a mess By spitcolon Updated Sep 23, 2016

"I swear to my dad, if I see you up here once again, you're dead!"

"You already said that ten times."

I got the idea from a picture

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Chan_laur_1202 Chan_laur_1202 Oct 21, 2017
So many people from around the world on this app and im just like "im from Canada" it sounds so lame hahaha
SidaeneStarshine SidaeneStarshine Mar 22, 2017
I actually like this chapter/prologue a lot! Maybe a bit short but it fits somehow :D
isnt that how all relationships start out? wanting to violently strike the other person? ahhh yes, true love
I don't even know that much German and knew what that meant. Lol
Echopool Echopool Jan 15
That moment when you wish not to be german...
                              But you have to admit that we have a creative language😂
Always_Late_For_Tea Always_Late_For_Tea Apr 12, 2017
Butterflies have been known to eat carcasses. That is kinda scary in a way.