Revealed At The Reunion! (A KHR Fanfic)

Revealed At The Reunion! (A KHR Fanfic)

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Akuma-Suzushiro By _Akuma_Hime_ Updated Aug 19, 2016

Quote of the Story: 
Time Changes Everyone.

Takes place ten years after the Arcobaleno Arc. Enjoy!

Sawada Tsunayoshi receives an invitation to a Class Reunion at one of his hotels in Namimori, Japan. Here, Tsuna's secret is unintentionally revealed. This secret of his is something no one, and I mean NO ONE expected him to have. This just proves that time indeed changes everyone.

If you also want to find out what Tsuna's hiding, then start reading!
I don't own anything except the plot.

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King-Taker King-Taker Nov 09, 2016
The quality of the Pictures is really cancer. I love your story BTW