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SonAmy: Crazy Over You

SonAmy: Crazy Over You

12K Reads 696 Votes 22 Part Story
NOVA T. Hedgie By NOVATheHedgehog14 Completed

Sonic is an escapee from Möbious' best prison in the world. Made to keep the worst in, and the innocent out. He was the top dog, baddest of the bad. A loner who craved for his work to get attention. Now, after 6 years of being beaten, driven further to madness, and left with little to no dignity... He's back. 

Amy Rose owns a flower shop in her small town. She loves her small house that sits by the beach. She finds herself staring out into its waves each day. Her life has always been simple and easy. She takes pride in her hobbies and interests, and greatly enjoys her solitude. What will happen when a mysterious man washes up on her beach?

Claw-tcha83Paw-tner Claw-tcha83Paw-tner Jul 30, 2016
Yeah. It's gonna rain love potion and bad boyfriend material is gonna wash up because of the overflow. 
                              Don't worry cause there are plenty of Fish in the sea the would chew you up and Spit ya right out. 
                              Once again, literally
Claw-tcha83Paw-tner Claw-tcha83Paw-tner Jul 30, 2016
You couldn't get away anyhow sucker. It's a damn shark.😒
                               You'd be dead meat  in 10 sec flat.
The_Phoenix_Ninja101 The_Phoenix_Ninja101 Aug 06, 2016
I swear! You are the only reason as to why I haven't given up on SonAmy... I hope you update soon!
NOVATheHedgehog14 NOVATheHedgehog14 Jul 30, 2016
I'm sorry, I don't think even mentioned a love potion, did I? If I did would that make your reading experience better?
jessicamoussa jessicamoussa May 27, 2016
I can't wait for the next chapter. This is really good, take your time if need be 😄☺️