A dragons and A Stars meeting (lalu)

A dragons and A Stars meeting (lalu)

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Laxus x Lucy 

There's a highschool for the 'specially talented' 

Everyone knows kids/teens with magic go there. If you don't have any magic you can't. Simple. Sometimes even if you have magic you can't go because of money. 

That is Lucy's problem. Ever since her parents died she had no money. She wanted to go to the school like her mom but it wasn't an option anymore.

Laxus on the other hand didn't want to be there. He hated having to be there because of his grandfather forcing him to go. All about you need to go or you won't inherit a penny!

One day after school he goes to a district students shouldn't be in. He had been there a couple times so this was nothing new to him. He goes into a random 'place' on the never ending street. He looks at all the pictures of the girls and chooses one of the cheapest but not the very cheapest. like usual. He goes into the room with her in it and see a beautiful blond. 

What will happen between the two? Will he help her? Or will he just leave?

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KingofHeavenandHell KingofHeavenandHell Oct 13, 2017
I think I'm just gonna go find another fanfiction. This one's rated R, and I'm not even 16, soooo