Demonstuck  =  The Vacation Gone Wrong

Demonstuck = The Vacation Gone Wrong

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Caitlyn Morgan By red_homestuck_101 Updated Apr 14

 This is the sequel   to my first story 

Demonstuck = the vacation to hell

Go check  it out so your not lost please! It will be the same ships but a few new ones at that.!

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Derpy_Love1 Derpy_Love1 Jul 14, 2016
When are you gonna start it? I loved the first o.e so much your an amazing writer pleeeeeeeease update soon
rebelliousJester rebelliousJester Aug 01, 2016
the last one was so amazing c'mon whennnn you gonna updateee i cant waittttttt
VerySadEnglishMeme VerySadEnglishMeme Sep 18, 2016
wait wha-
                              it was Jake and John- that were demons-?? I mean- and- Dave and dirk are the "dirty bloods" I'm so confused is this the right fanfic
- - Aug 18, 2016
Please hurry I really enjoyed your first story!! Not to rush you or anything.
BoredomGuah BoredomGuah Mar 21, 2016
Hehe yayayayaya I loved that book I read it like 80 times or something like that not kidding it's really close to that number anyway can't wait for this to be updated heheh yayayayaya (I maybe a little to exited for this but hay use me)
- - Jan 12, 2017
Wait, this is a sequel to demonstuck right? Were jake and john are 4th class demons? And jake made dirk imortal and john did the sane to dave? Or is a sequel to "tricksters"?