The Alpha's Queen

The Alpha's Queen

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C H R I S T I N A By Erroriist Updated Nov 17, 2016

How would you feel if the man who was made for you, didn't want you? Would you feel angry, sad, happy, relieved, or maybe devastated? What would you then do if you learned that the Gods and Goddesses gave you a second chance at love with the king of all Alpha's? Would you take it?

To Diana Evans, this was her reality, she was living it and it tortured her, torn between two men, one who could love her, could promise her the world, and the other just an ordinary Alpha, willing to sacrifice the world for her...even if it didn't seem like that a first. So who would she choose? Which man would be the one to capture her heart? All you have to do is read and the answers should be given.

Warning!: This book is messy and has several errors yet I assure you I'm working on it, comment your feedback on my book and I'll take in your advice and help make and fix this book for the better.

bratsisland bratsisland Jun 12, 2016
Ever heard don't judge a book by its cover?
                              Ever heard if u judge a girl by her looks or she'll beat ya to death?
                              Yea.  Don't ever do that.
t_katherin t_katherin Dec 05, 2016
You might want to fix the part where he suddenly knows her name.
zoe325 zoe325 Jul 05, 2016
Why are they always manwhores? Why can't they keep it in their pants?
unhiiicorn unhiiicorn Sep 02, 2016
If I were in this book, I would slam a blueberry pie in his face, slap the girl, and give her a lesson about feminism , BITCH  I DONT  NEED NO MAN!!!
Polyvore080 Polyvore080 Aug 14, 2016
Can i translate this to Danish? I'll give you creds of cause and I'll post it on a danish writing website; Movellas. (: Plz answer asap
- - Jun 18, 2016
Hey, do you want an editor? Because you've got some punctuation and spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Thanks! Love your plot by the way!