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My Street- Boyfriend Scenarios

My Street- Boyfriend Scenarios

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Moki By Prolink-Moki Updated Nov 14, 2016

This involves ;
Garroth, Dante, Laurance, Zane, Travis, Aaron, Vylad and Jeffoery!

Candi_Card Candi_Card Jan 09
Candi-Chan is Kawaii-Chan's little cupcake!!
                              Dela: And apparently I'm Katelyn's little mushroom...Its cute, I don't mind.
                              Katelyn: Uhm, this is a bit weird.
                              Dela: At least Travis isn't here...
                              Travis: Did I hear someone say my name?!
                              Katelyn: Why Dela? Why?
xSkylaXDx xSkylaXDx Dec 26, 2016
Oabsisndoebdsonskdwobdkxisbsisbsosbwis #fangirling 😂😂😂
EmpressDark417 EmpressDark417 2 days ago
My mom dyed her hair too much, I don't know if her original hair colour was blonde or black, I'm the only brunette in my family though... -_-
I have the same hair colour (don't tell me I spelled it wrong I is CANADIA) as Nicole
LullayWolf LullayWolf Feb 10
Dont be falling in love as shes walkin' away sorry it remeinded me of this song XD
Candi_Card Candi_Card Jan 09
Vylad~Kun!! Dela~Sama calls him her little potato!!
                              Dela: Shush Candi~Chan!!! *covers Candi's mouth*
                              Vylad: ...
                              Aphmau & Kawaii~Chan: *giggles*