Thing He Loves Most (Peter Pan/Ouat)

Thing He Loves Most (Peter Pan/Ouat)

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Band4Gleeks By Band4Gleeks Updated May 30, 2017

The Heart of the Thing He Loves Most (OUAT/Peter Pan fanfic) 

~~CURRENTLY EDITING~~ (deleting, adding or rewriting chapters)

Emma stepped forward, her gaze hard. "Let her go, Pan," she ordered. "She has nothing to do with this." 

I shivered as Pan's hot breath blew against the exposed skin on my neck when he laughed mockingly through his nose. "That's where you're wrong, Emma. This little lass has been more trouble than she's worth." 

I glowered, even though he couldn't see me, and started to struggle, but he pressed the cool blade more firmly against my skin, enough so that I immediately stopped cold, but not hard enough to draw blood. 

"Now," Pan started dangerously. "If any of you try to follow me, I'll kill her."

With one last glimpse at the Heroes, a green cloud swirled around us, and we were gone. 
What if Pan never enacted the curse that would turn Storybrooke into the new Neverland? What if he was stopped before he could? 

This is Bailey's story.

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I-need-u-girl I-need-u-girl May 02, 2017
It's either Thomas Brodie Sangster,Dylan O'brien. or that weird train with a face
void-davina void-davina Apr 29, 2017
How to get your readers to be intersted in a book 💯👌🏻👍🏻
LivingRider24 LivingRider24 Dec 09, 2017
Now you are making me cry. I just saw an extended trailer of The Death Cure, and my heart is broken
tamarx_ tamarx_ Apr 26, 2017
I know I can't judge a book by it's cover but omg. Davina😍
ruyawrites ruyawrites May 15, 2017
All the time!!! Btw your blurb is captivating ! I wanna know everything
Cuteness5767 Cuteness5767 Aug 18, 2016
Me would have done this  
                              *slaps Thomas and push him on the ground* 
                              "Fűck this s*it I tried to rescue you. Nope bye fûck you too boo."