Teasing My Hot Possessive Alpha (18+)

Teasing My Hot Possessive Alpha (18+)

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Sara Johnson By SaraJohnson896 Updated Oct 09, 2017

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I kiss him with all the energy and fire within me. I roam my hands around his body, feeling his muscles and abs. God! He is so fucking hot. 

I could feel my panties getting wet, he growls, inhaling my scent.

I finally pull out. His eyes are Dark with lust. He breathes in my neck and growl even more. I smirk at his hard member poking my belly.

"Mine." He says with lust and love mixed up.

"Now will you tell me what are you doing, Mate?" He says.

"Now where is the fun in that?" I say with a huge smirk on my face.

Lets get this game started.

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rickellecobb rickellecobb Oct 01, 2017
Me and my best friend act this gay around each other😂 you're not real best friends if there isn't a rumour that you are gay for each other😂😭
Your not a bitch for wanting to help her but you are one for going about it this way
That's mean! I get she wants to help her friend but that's going about it the wrong way. I wouldn't even go if she did that to me.
Ellisiana Ellisiana Feb 22, 2016
Awe!! They both are so cute! Just like me and my bestfriend!! 😊😊