Intrigued By Her (Completed)

Intrigued By Her (Completed)

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Anna Waters By WatersAnna Completed

He pulls me fiercely to his chest and I hug him back. He pulls away after what seems like an eternity and I reluctantly let him go. I realize what I'm doing and try to move away but he catches my hand pulling me close to him again. He stares into my eyes and I am left in a trance.

''You are a drug Samantha. The one that I don't want to get rid of,'' He breathes near my ear with seriousness.
I close my eyes and relish his warmth.

''I am not the one for you Xavier. We are not meant to be.'' I say stuttering wishing I didn't have to say this.

''I don't care. Because I know you are the only one for me. I'll fight the world if that is what it takes to be with you.'' He says hooking his arm around my waist. I gasp as he draws me closer and leans in, his lips inches away from mine.

        Samantha Collins is a lively girl.Always smiling and laughing. But she isn't the 'all-happy' girl she pretends to be. She has her past trying to get back into her life and her present is agonizingly painful. She has lost all hopes. She thinks she is incapable of love but destiny has other plans.

         Xavier West is hot, smart, handsome and everything a girl would want in a guy. When he first sees Samantha,he only irritates her because he finds her different. But when he gets knows the actual Samantha Collins,he feels something he has has never felt before. He is drawn to her just like a moth to a flame. But with Samantha's guard always on, its difficult to break in!

Will they both fall for each other?And if yes- is the past that haunts Samantha every now and then ready to let her go? And what if Xavier has his own share of mysteries? 
Follow Samantha and Xavier on a journey with fights,pranks,struggles and romance.

And though the chapters say they are edited, they are not really edited kinda edited so excuse that for now! Editing has already begun! I am editing 3 chapters a day so thanks for being patient!

Happy reading:-) Highest Ranking #3 in Teen Fiction!

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SucidelSundays SucidelSundays Jun 09, 2017
Preach author and or sister 😂😂anywhoooo..........
                              Oh and I'm a good commenter btw but I'm weird is that ok 😂😂oh and I put this emoji 😂a lot 😂😂ok I think I proved my point so imma stop now ok I stopped ok bye 😂😂
ZinaNizella ZinaNizella May 02, 2017
Am i really the first to comment? Wow. But anyways i thought your book was amazing. And PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT DONT LIKE THIS BOOK, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway... please read my book. Its called "It All Started With A Kick To The Balls... Oops."
Loopty__loop Loopty__loop May 04, 2017
The book was amazing and I loved your imagination in it. Good luck for the book and future stories! ❤
Jeweldiamond24 Jeweldiamond24 Jul 31, 2017
I am confused. Her boyfriend at the time was two years old? 😂 But I know what you mean. I just wanted to point that out.
IshikaGupta5 IshikaGupta5 Apr 02, 2017
You know, you shouldn't mention that it's your first story. It's considered a bit amateur.
                              No offence. :)
Creepygranola Creepygranola May 02, 2017
I definitely understand what you're saying! We being a reader should know that we're supposed to be reading a book which is a creation of somebody else's imagination! BTW I love this book its amazing! 😍💖