Yn & fade arguing/rated r

Yn & fade arguing/rated r

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Miracle love By miracle13fosho Updated Jul 19, 2016

Yn: fade y u not talking to mee (Simi yell)

Fade: (looks up from his phone📱) yn
leave me alone 

Yn: no fade tell me wat the fuck I do (😠)

Fade: yn just ahhhh be quite (🙄)

Yn: nooooooo like u have been ignoring me for the longest 

Fade: listen here yn I've been ignoring u because all u want to do is fight and I don't  have time for that 

Yn: I don't always want to fight u give me reason to be mad at uu 

Fade: is that so (🤔)

Yn: yes fade 

Fade: mhm ok give me one of the reasons 

Yn: ok u flirt with other girls in front of me

Fade: I might talk to other girls in front of u yea I do that but baby they not on the same level as u ok

Yn: ok but it hurts me tho (looks at ur phone)

Fade: Yn look at me 

Yn: (looks up) wat fade wat

Fade: (kisses u)

Yn: (kisses him back)

Fade: u just need to trust me baby

Yn: I do (gets a text from Mackenzie) 

Fade: who is that

Yn: Kenzie 

(Y'all convo)

Kenzie😍: hay girl u with fade

Yn🤓: hey boo and yea y 

Kenzie😍: oh girl did u c hi...

Dhis girl wanna catch these hands yo 👐 👐👐👊💢💥
Hey Kenzie, come out, I just wanna talk. -with a belt and knife in my hands-
Fr 👊💢💥🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔪🔪😊😉