My Brother, My Lover

My Brother, My Lover

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Killer Cupcakes By MissySaysHi Updated Apr 03, 2016

Dakota Bennington is bisexual. Only his two best friends know. He's seventeen, almost eighteen. He's got brown hair and blue eyes. Dakota is the school's popular jock. He lives and breathes football. 

Shawn, Dakota's twin brother, is the complete opposite. They share the same hair and eye color, but everything else is different. Especially their personality's. Shawn's very shy and nerdy. He's secretly gay. Only his best friend and English teacher know. He's the school's nerd. His nose is always shoved in a book or notepad.

Shawn gets sick the day before the annual family trip. He's allowed to stay behind, but only as long as Dakota stays with him. Dakota loves the family trips, but he agrees to stay behind. Surprisingly, Dakota and Shawn decently get along. 

With the rest of the family gone, Dakota decides to throw a party. Only to wake up naked and in bed with Shawn. 

The twins' drunken one night stand awakens brand new feelings in them. Feelings that revolve around each other.

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officialmemeries officialmemeries Dec 28, 2017
She is grace
                              She is elegance 
                              But she lives in shipping space
shy_firecracker shy_firecracker May 15, 2017
she has ideas. . good ideas *shakes hand with her* ill be glad to be ur assistant! xD
WeirdGirl509 WeirdGirl509 Jun 28, 2017
That's the same with me only my 4 of my friends know I'm bisexual
officialmemeries officialmemeries Dec 28, 2017
When the description said English Teacher I thought of Ezra from PLL
ThePolarBearLives ThePolarBearLives 5 hours ago
My name is JOHN Hamilton! No for real my name is John Hamilton
Tiddle56 Tiddle56 Feb 02, 2017
Idk how the bedroom situation works. It said a three bedroom house. And each boy has his own room so what does the sister have in the basement?