Sentimental Bully

Sentimental Bully

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Loveyaoiforlife By Loveyaoiforlife Updated Apr 22


Love him

Hurt him

Hate him

Break his heart

Put the pieces back together

Push him down

Pull him back up

Love him again

Hurt him a million times more

Love him?

Carter is a shy small boy.
He gets bullied because of the way he is. He gets bullied and knows he can't fight back. Keeping everything to himself, he's not social. Doesn't talk to anyone. Being bullied by the same guy every year doesn't make anything any better. Feelings just keep adding and adding up. Will he eventually brake or will 'he' pull him before he falls to nothing? Before the past swallows him whole...

Jakes a bully.
The only entertainment he gets other than watching the beautiful colours of the sunset is bullying.  He never would have thought of falling for the tiny brown eyed boy... He'd never thought of asking for forgiveness, because of a feeling that has already swallowed him whole... Such a foreign feeling to him. There's no turning back now..
"I'd understand if asking for forgiveness is meaningless. But I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry. I don't now what to say to have you believe in my regret. But I'm sorry..."

Hope you guys enjoy.

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nzzisanxiety nzzisanxiety Dec 20, 2017
Well the author didn’t actually misspell “brake” the author just used the wrong one 🤷‍♀️
Kurokaro Kurokaro Oct 08, 2017
Oh my God he's so cute! Normally I don't use the pics and imagine them as I want but this guy is so cute
dontleave111 dontleave111 Jul 05, 2017
How do I say this nicely? You're a a jerk like I'm bone punch you in the face
You guys this is an honest mistake, just like every other mistakes. I've been in school for 11 years, I can assure you it's not on purpose or I don't know how to spell.
Bri-9744 Bri-9744 Apr 18
Everyone acting like they have never made a spelling mistake before....