Return to Neverland

Return to Neverland

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McKenna By MP13Girl Updated Jun 26

Ebony Reynolds goes to Neverland Academy, a prestigious high school for teens who come from wealthy backgrounds. She is close friends with the Lost Boys, the four wealthiest students who rule the school. She doesn't understand why people find them so scary when they've always just been Quinn, Luke, Christian, and Keegan, her friends since middle school. Their title means nothing to her. But it doesn't mean nothing to everyone else.

Return to Neverland Academy with Ebony and the new Lost Boys like it was only yesterday.

Spin-off/sequel to Off to Neverland

I think the wicked witch got eliminated for American top bitch he took home the golden ticket the chocolate was a bomb. I wish
Ebony: "The fact that you live under the same roof as me, disgusts me. I'd much rather be away from you and with my father, but I'm stuck with a spoiled brat like you. So would you please let me suffer in peace, thanks."
Meparty_12 Meparty_12 May 28
I'm sorry but I can't stop thinking of Quinn being a middle schooler
LoveAmorLifeVida LoveAmorLifeVida Sep 09, 2016
I don't know why but I just loved those two lines
                              They are so much more than just boys!   They're the Lost Boys
amelialeehan amelialeehan Jun 12, 2016
I can say to you about how you asked where Keegan got his shirt from. Why, did you want to get one too? Well, if you did, I'm sure you would fool everyone as a boy, I mean, you already act like one
Prezzope Prezzope Dec 21, 2016
How dare you Author! Leo!!! How can you give mr.Claudia the name of one of my fav Percy Jackson character 😭😭😭