Slut || ✓

Slut || ✓

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About a girl
Whose heart got broken
One-too-many times
By boys who never saw her worth

•cover by my dear friend @oloberhugs


[#30 in short story 6/5/16]
© Charlotte Noir

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I_Person I_Person May 14
If you're not a slut, you're a prude 
                              The girls who are judged off their clothes 
                              The girls who are based off their grades 
                              The girls judged off their attitude..
                              The ones like me..
Girls who wear shorter clothes with more skin showing= slits
                              Girls who choose to cover themselves= oppressed
                              Screw society
For the boys who are waiting for right person yet get criticised.
@Dangerous__Man (couldn't respond to your comment cause it got reported) but thank you for your comment!!  I appreciate it! That's exactly why I wrote this story! Awareness NEEDS to be made on Wattpad (especially Wattpad) and everywhere!
Chatachino Chatachino Jul 04, 2016
Geez guess "everyone" in this story is a biatch on there own to believe the rumours 0.o
ilykei ilykei Oct 15, 2016
I haven't even read the book and I checked the chappies and found this ;)) ILY2 JOSHLERR