Slut || Freeyourshorts

Slut || Freeyourshorts

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About a girl
Whose heart got broken
One-too-many times
By boys who never saw her worth

•cover by my dear friend @paperhigh


[#30 in short story 6/5/16]

Chatachino Chatachino Jul 04
Geez guess "everyone" in this story is a biatch on there own to believe the rumours 0.o
Thatanimehood Thatanimehood 4 days ago
Just because she dresses like what you think is a slut doesnt mean she is
ilykei ilykei Oct 15
I haven't even read the book and I checked the chappies and found this ;)) ILY2 JOSHLERR
angivalence angivalence May 09
does "you" even realise that shes not forcing him goddammit he can make his own choices and he chose to have sex with her there isnt even a problem with that but stop blaming the girl wtf shes completely innocent of this
lailabek lailabek Aug 27
Lmao if you are so lonely get a damn dog or cat. If you is lonely you wouldn't even think about poppin yo cherry girl
Its like you're talking about every "queen bee" of high school in every wattpad story when she's with the male lead and we all hate her