I'm There, Baby ▶Frerard

I'm There, Baby ▶Frerard

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Frank Iero is deemed to be the most charming and popular boy walking the halls of Belleville High School, both beautiful and tempting.

Gerard Way was never the type to have many friends, nor was he the type to want any. People like Gerard grind their teeth at the mention of people like Frank.

Little does he know that he means the world to someone he has done nothing to but resent. 

(No, this is not a Kik fic, it just all starts with a Kik conversation.)
(Contains smut, drug/alcohol use, and foul language.)

what_the_forck what_the_forck 5 days ago
Oh same, but I wear stuff that draws attention to me, like today I'm wearing a suit, and im getting weird stares because I identify as a girl and I always wear "girly" clothing
my english teacher was just like this,  he was great. he used to always play arctic monkeys and we'd talk about how much we disliked am to all the other albums and it was great. he left awhile ago, i miss him tbh
I need to stop reading so many new fics at once, but whatever
Your first frerard actually ruined me, so I'm really looking forward to this
This perfectly describes my band teacher Mr. Olsen and its kinda weird.
with my ex i always thought she was so pretty and lovely and the best girl to ever exist, even before we started dating