I'm There, Baby ▶ |Frerard|

I'm There, Baby ▶ |Frerard|

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Frank Iero can only be described as the hottest guy at Belleville High School. He may be highly overrated, but inside, he has built walls around his soft heart.

Gerard Way, the resentful and slightly sassy emo kid with a little bit of chub on his stomach doesn't get noticed by people like Frank.

Little does he know that he means the world to someone he has never officially met.

"Frnkxo. Kik me ;)"

(No, this is not a Kik fic, it just all starts with a Kik conversation.)
(Contains smut, drug/alcohol use, and foul language.)

Beccadeccas Beccadeccas Oct 28, 2016
Why did you delete your other story/ or what happened? It had ddlg in it but I forget the name...
gottta-blast gottta-blast Nov 23, 2016
Congratulations. You played yourself that's what we  all came here for
noitsironic noitsironic Nov 22, 2016
Priest: in what name shall I baptize you
                              Me: Frerard shît
                              Priest:...sounds gay but ok...
LilKatTrash LilKatTrash Jan 19
                              They were hot forever, always will be, 
                              Frank is hottest during Revenge, Gee is hottest during Danger Days
                              FITE ME
Ive definitely read this before. Or at least started reading it
I do that, and apparently it really hurts to have your ties smashed by a heeled boot, who knew