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Kate Marchant By ToastedBagels Updated Sep 09, 2013

"His name was Jericho, like the ancient city. He appeared out of thin air and came crashing through my inconsequential life, setting my beliefs and my heart on fire. I didn't know where he had come from, and I didn't know when he would have to leave. But I knew he was going to change my life forever." 

                                                     • • •

Nineteen-year-old Rebecca Lawson has been stuck in Point Lautner, a small logging town in northern Canada, since the day she was born. She dreams of moving to New York and becoming an artist in the hustle and bustle of city life, but knows that with Uncle Elias, her only remaining family member, short on funds, her aspirations are impossible. But when a mysterious boy falls into her life on one fateful night, and Rebecca's beliefs about everything - her family, the divine, true love - are challenged.

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  • aristotle
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  • fate
  • ice
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  • rebecca
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itscallapie itscallapie Dec 29, 2017
i only came to comment: hey my names jericho
                              also, i am female
CassandraLynnWrites CassandraLynnWrites Oct 23, 2014
I was just wondering if you were still going to work on this story or not.
ToastedBagels ToastedBagels Aug 14, 2013
@itsamarisok No, I'm really sorry. I get so many people asking me to read their stories that I couldn't possibly read them all, so I say "no" to everyone to be fair. Best of luck with your book, though!
imkindofpsychic imkindofpsychic Jul 31, 2013
So, I need to just read this story again and again and again and stare at the cover until there's nothing else in my mind because this whole thing is just so amazing. <3
ButrFlieShado ButrFlieShado Jul 22, 2013
@CaribbeanStreak I know right! I was too done when she said "stay out of the kitchen"! :D
_vagabond _vagabond Jul 18, 2013
DANG, she said "leave your bitching at the door."!
                              RESPECT XD