Well, This Is New (TobyXMasky)

Well, This Is New (TobyXMasky)

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Masky has always had the respnsibility of taking care of Toby, the youngest of the proxies. Its pretty simple. Hoodie takes care of most of the paperwork, and Masky watches Toby on the missions. Not very surprising that after a while he started to care more and more for the hatchet weilding, fun loving, crazy proxy. Even if he's as annoying as Hades.

Toby has always had a bit of a crush on Masky. Okay, make that a big crush on him. So when Masky starts taking interest in the young proxy, Toby feels over the roof. Soon enough he finds his dream becoming a reality.
But will the rest of the mansion be as happy?

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ticcioToby ticcioToby Jun 18
Around the mountain here he comes heal be comin around the mountain when he comes ye hall
"I was sitting in my room, reading a book," and well this guy walked in, so I went up to him, and I uhh, I stabbed him 37 time the chest.
Me at school... And home... And in public... And anywhere near other people...
TheNightPhantom TheNightPhantom Feb 24, 2016
I give this a thumbs up! Well, I can't because this ain't Facebook, but a vote should come close second~!
Mami-o Mami-o Oct 05, 2016
Toby and Jeff would make best partners in crime(when it comes to pranks)