Pretty Blossom to Beauty (Tezuka Kunimitsu Love Story)

Pretty Blossom to Beauty (Tezuka Kunimitsu Love Story)

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Hatori Ayumi was returning to Japan to care for her grandfather. She couldn't wait to see him and an old friend. Upon arrival, she met Ryuzaki-sensei at her home to talk about her education. After Ryuzaki-sensei learned that Ayumi loved tennis and needed to face more challenging opponents, she suggested Ayumi to dress as a boy in school. On her first day of school as a boy, she met with her old friend who had no idea that she ad returned to Japan.

Will he find out about her identity? Will she be able to keep her identity a secret from the school? Importantly, will something blossom between the two?

Disclaimer: Everything besides Ayumi and her family belong to Takeshi Konomi.

Some ideas belong to Hisaya Nakajo who wrote Hana Kimi.

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