Love In The Apocalypse ||Natsu X Reader||

Love In The Apocalypse ||Natsu X Reader||

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||Inspired by AMC's "The Walking Dead". Please support the official show.||

||Feb 15, 2016||

There's a conflict in every human heart between the rational and irrational, between good and evil. And good does not always triumph.

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xX_BlueWolfGurl_Xx xX_BlueWolfGurl_Xx Oct 05, 2017
I never liked Lisanna is both fanfics and the actual show/manga
JellyMe17 JellyMe17 Mar 13
Hehe.. I actually do my homework like the period Before I get to that class
KasMichaelis KasMichaelis Sep 02, 2017
Lucifer Morningstar, cause who wouldn't want him as daddy right?
--Mia_Drxgneel-- --Mia_Drxgneel-- Dec 01, 2017
I will go back home again *leaves to got to hell* HEY BITCHES IM BACK FROM REALITY YALL MISS ME
Jeffory (the goldenheart for those who understand the reference)
jycmpotatoes1480 jycmpotatoes1480 Dec 07, 2017
Oi! That's rude! I thought we were friends, buddy! Wait, let me refresh that we're not friends no more fake pal.... I'm so lonely